Cubase 8.5


I got a final version of Cubase 8.5 Pro as it’s the last version that supports 32 bit. I’ve just downloaded the license in e-licensor control centre and there was a pop up message informing me that your software vendor arranged for you to have a Cubase 9 license.

Now on the e-licensor USB stick it is a Cubase 9 license with no mention of Cubase 8.5

Will I be able to use Cubase 8.5? - I’ll try it now but I’m worried the 8.5 license just disappears and can’t be used because of this.

Does this also mean I can download Cubase 9 without any further cost?

I bought this verison of 8.5 to use on 32 bit with some old hardware

C8.5 should still run just fine. Also, yes, you should be able to download and install C9.
It will be a “separate” installation from C8.5. So both programs will exist independently on your computer.


Yes I did a basic install on laptop - and it works!!! - Good - I really only wanted to get the license onto the USB stick tonight, just so it’s done!

It’s good to know I get Cubase 9 as well if I wish - that’s a bonus - just like when I got Cubase SX and Cubase 4 in one package.

This version is for 32 bit for Scope platform Sonic Core Creamware that works better in 32 bit mode - And now Cubase not available in 32 bit - 64 is better no two ways about it but technology doesn’t all work together as well as we’d like so we have to do some juggling!