Cubase 8 64 Bit Loading crash

Hey guys,

I have previously been using Cubase 8.0 on my laptop which out preforms the min requirements and has previously run smoothly on Windows 10. It was about 4 months since I have used it as have been way to flat out to use my computer. When I go to load Cubase 8 64 Bit version it crashes on the loading screen when it says “Video File Handling” and then brings up “Cubase 8 has stopped working” and Windows asks me to close the program.

I have installed the latest update and was wondering if anyone else has this problem when opening Cubase?

It was a fresh install and Cubase 7.5 still runs fine and is installed on my laptop


Make sure the latest QuickTime ipversion is installed on your system, please.

you could also try this:
navigate to your steinberg folder, → components-> delete all the files starting with video
(if you do not use/need the video function)