Cubase 8 64bit not loading

Ok, I’m reasonably sure of what the problem is I’m just not having any luck correcting it. In my effort to try and add the my documents folder to the list of folders that the plugin manager scans for plugins upon startup, i screwed up and cubase appears to be scanning c:\ drive at the root not just the documents folder. Therefore it’s scanning all the system files along with everything else in drive c. So it freezes and never loads the host. I tried to reinstall cubase but after reinstalling it’s still using my edited preferences and therefore scanning the c drive at the root. HELP!

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, Cubase Pro 8

There is a “safe start mode” that doesnt load third party plugins. I will look for it.
Here it is…

Thanks the link you supplied put me on the right path, it was fixed by hiding the current version of cubase. Thanks for the assist