Cubase 8 + 8.5 not closing properly on PC !

I know this was discussed before but seems strange it hasn’t been officially addressed yet or has it?

When closing the program, the main window stays open even after the project closed, taking around a minute to finally close, sometimes even leading to a crash.

This has repeatedly happened on Windows 7 as well as on Windows 10 on different machines. On Mac however, closing is a breeze and behaves normally.

Did this issue receive any official response at anytime?

You might want to look into what these computers have in common. Audio interface ? MIDI interface ? Plugins?
In other words, in most cases it is driver or plugin related.

nothing in common except for cubase 8 & 8.5

Well, I think he mean’t what was in common on the Windows PC’s. There must be as there is something holding up the W10 and W7 machines that Mac has no issue with.

That could be a installation of a certain Windows VST, MIDI device or interface.

I assume you did not mean you have absolutely different of these three on all three setups right? :slight_smile:

Steinberg have responded in other threads. It seems like there can be different causes for this and so they can not post any easy fix. They simply request that people post a support request.

There was even a kb article but apparently this one crashes before even opening :laughing:

If your Cubase actually crashes rather than just hangs then you have a crash report that could tell you the problem.