Cubase 8 AI upgraded to Cubase Elements10

Hi there, hard to see if this topic already exists so apologies if mine is a duplicate.

I upgraded my Cubase 8 AI to a full Cubase Elements 10 recently and I have 3 questions as of today :slight_smile:

  1. I was expecting that the upgrade turns my C8 into C10 but it seems that I have both 8 and 10 on my computer. Is this how it should be or I did something wrong?

  2. I also had to copy all my VTS plugins into the C10 folder otherwise they were not there
    Can I uninstall Cubase 8 or will C10 read some stuff (presets etc) from those folders? Should I do something extra (like move them into the C10 folder?)

  3. I downloaded the C10 install files, unzipped them and installed them with no problem, but then I deleted the install folder and it seems that C10 reads some *.vstsound files the install folder. They were only some HipHop and Blockbuster vstsounds missing by loading up C10 after deleting the folder so they don’t really affect me probably I won’t use them, but it’s just weird. When I restored the install files it loaded up again with no problem.
    Can I deleted the 15GB install folder or will Cubase want to read other files from there too? I’m really confused.

Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome,

  1. Yes, this is correct. The license has been updated, but you still have both applications installed. Cubase X is always different application from Cubase X+1.

  2. There shouldn’t be dedicated “Cubase 10 plug-ins” folder. The general approach is to have one plug-ins folder, which is shared by all Cubase versions (or even other musical softwares). In Cubase you can set, which folder is scanned, so where is Cubase searching for the plug-ins. You can uninstall Cubase 8, but a good practice is to leave older Cubase installed, in case you would need it.

  3. If you installed everything properly (the whole content), Cubase doesn’t read anything from the installer. All content should be stored in your computer.

Be warned though, C10 has a lot of issues so do not uninstall your C8 just yet.
I upgraded from C9 today and version 10 crashes or don’t work properly when I try to open sessions from C9.


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start mode, please?

Could you attach the crash dump file, please?

Thanks for your response. About point 3: I used the Steinberg installer tool, so it should have been installed properly I guess, but it wasn’t.


Make sure you unZIP the file before you start to install. Install from the setup.exe, not from the MSI.

I just tried the safe mode and disabled all preferences and the same happens. If I start it and start new project it works ok (same as before when you start it in normal mode) but when I try to load any of my C9 projects there is no sound at all like all the tracks would be just silence. No indication of any kind on UI.


What Audio Device do you use?