Cubase 8 "All Midi Inputs" not functioning correctly

Hi all
I been reading these boards for a long time and can usually solve most of my issues but I need some help with this one.
I just bought the TEControl USB breath controller.
I have configured it using their software.
That was easy enough.
When I opened Cubase Pro 8.0.30 x64bit, I checked the transport panel for the indicators when I blew.
That was working.
I created a midi track and tried to record some CCs. Nothing was recorded. No activity monitor on the track either. I checked the midi track input was “All Midi Inputs” . I went to device panel and made sure the Breath Controller was marked with the X under “All Midi Inputs”.
Still nothing…
I then tried to select the breath controller from the track inspector as the input and it works fine.
It will just not work alongside my keyboard when I select “All Midi Inputs”. My keyboard does work however no problem.

But I then opened Cubase 7.5 x64 which I still have on my machine and it works perfectly. I went back and forward to try and see what different between the two versions and I cannot find anything.
I have reset the preferences to default in the Pro version but still nothing.
In fact there is nothing I can do in 7.5 that will break the connection with the breath controller and All Midi In… and nothing I can do in 8 to make it connect.

I rebooted twice and restarted the program multiple times. I am just about to try and add some other keyboard I have around and see if that works.
Any ideas?

Do you by any chance have a Generic Remote Device set up, with “All MIDI Inputs” as its input?

Hey man thanks for the reply.
I didn’t, but I just went back to the quick controls which I had been messing with a few months back and they did have “All Midi In” as their input. I changed it to “Not Connected”…

… Guess what? It’s working!

I thought I checked that during the last two hours of screwing around.
I must admit I don’t have my head around that part of the program. I don’t understand how both my keyboards were working together under All Midi In but the breath controller was not.

Is it because the quick controls were overriding CC2?

The breath controller was putting out CC2 - and which had been my generic controller for expression before I even bought the breath controller which is why I probably had it set up in Quick Controls. I did have QC working but did not see any real benefit for me so never went back to it.
I did think I had reset it to default during the last couple of hours but I guess now I know I hadn’t.

Many thanks man!!

Glad you’ve been able to get your breath back! lol

Thanks again man! :slight_smile:

go Device/ Midi Port setup / > check if they are marked visible and In “ALL MIDI” ticked?