Cubase 8 and Addictive Drums 1.5.2

Hi Guys,
I’ve been using addictive drums 1.5 with cubase 5 for ages and just updated to cubase pro 8.
The only problem i’m having now is that i can’t drag and drop the midi parts from AD1.5 to cubase 8, because in cubase 8 when i’m using AD drums, it focuses on this instrument and greys out cubase in the background. If i unfocused from AD (of which it minimises to a mini display of AD, then i can’ have access to the files to drag and drop them from AD to Cubase 8 arrange page.
I’ve included screenshots of both of these views below…
AD Minimized when not in focus in cubase 8.png
AD maximized and cubase greyed out so cant drag & drop midi to cubase 8.jpg
is there any way to disable this in cubase 8, so that when focusing on AD, it doesn’t grey out the cubase background, so i can drag and drop the files onto the arrange page like i use d to you with cubase 5?
Please help as this is super annoying as its a key feature to drag and drop the midi files and is stopping my workflow :wink: