Cubase 8 and AdMuncher conflict

When AdMuncher is running, Cubase 8 crashes on loading most of the projects. As soon as AdMuncher is off, projects load flawlessly. It does not happen with earlier versions of Cubase.

Then don’t run AdMuncher :wink:
Is this a windup?

Very funny! Why should I not use AdMuncher when it’s Steinberg’s fault? It’s their job to fix it so that useful programs can still be used.

You’re wrong!

very wrong!

Yes, we know Steinberg is god and you are their disciples. Whatever Steinberg does is right while others are wrong. Or even better, very wrong.

Anyway. Must be Cubase 8, if it works flawlessly with any prior version.

Please don’t comment my issue reports if you haven’t got any constructive contributions to make except to state that you believe others are wrong, or very wrong. Just try another thread instead.

Whoops, didn’t realize you were a disciple of the Holy Admuncher. It couldn’t be their problem.
Obviously you’re surfing with your DAW, which is much more important.
So we know where your priorities lay.
Have a nice day.

It’s absolutely useless having a conversation with guys like you. It’s useless. I’m sure your version of Cubase Pro 8 is flawless. Good for you, then share that copy with everyone instead of telling people they are wrong? How about making some music? No ideas? Having the need to troll around?
Gseht so us als ob dis Studio in Turbenthal nöd so recht will laufe… isch aber au eher ä Abstellchammere.