Cubase 8 and Cubase 9

Hi I recently upgraded to Cubase 9, but I still have Cubase 8, and sometimes my projects open in Cubase 8, like it’s the standard program, and it’s annoying and confusing.
So, I’m asking: should I just get rid of Cubase 8 or is it good to have and somehow change standard open to Cubase 9, and how do I do that?


This is operating system decision.

If you are on Mac, right-click to any CPR file and select get info. Here set the Open with… to Cubase 9. Below click to Open all files with this extension and confirm by your password.

On Windows, right-click to any CPR file. Code properties and probably details. Somewhere here you can set where to open the file and again set it for all files of this type.