Cubase 8 and DM3200

Hello -

I need some help with getting my DM3200 to work correctly (Or at least how I expect it to work) with Cubase 8.

A basic description of the problem :

Mono Inputs from the Mix Console are showing up on my DM3200 Remote Layer Faders. This has never been the case in the past - only audio channels have ever been controlled by the dm3200.

In further detail :

I’ve run Cubase 4 with my DM3200 for many years. The remote layer has always worked how I would expect and the channels correspond perfectly with the DM’s remote layer channels.

In cubase 4, All the audio faders in the projects mixer, correspond to the tascam remote layer faders. There’s no need to press the bank button to have the channels correspond in the default opening of the remote layer. If I need to advance past channel 16, I use the bank button on the DM3200 at that point. With that said, even though my cubase mixer has my Mono in Channels visible, the Tascam doesn’t try and control the mono in channels in cubase 4.

NOT so in cubase 8. I know this is all very complicated and difficult to describe. So I apologize if this sounds confusing. In cubase 8, when the Mono in channels are part of your MixConsole (Even if you make them invisible), the DM3200 sees those channels as part of the entire mixer. For example. If I’m using 16 mono in channels in Cubase, and I’ve got 24 tracks of audio, all my audio tracks are shifted and don’t start on the tascam until I’ve pressed the bank button.

Ideally - I want cubase and the tascam to correspond and the default fader positions should match up with cubases Audio channels and not the Mono inputs.

Any help would be great!

Thank you,


I don’t have C8 yet because I never upgrade right after release, but what you describe happening in C4 is exactly the same for C7.5, so maybe it’s a bug in 8? I see all used tracks in the project window (mono, stero audio and MIDI) reflected in the DM’s remote layer 1-16 and progress with bank buttons indeed.

You might try, where I know at least one DM user also has C8 in use (but he’s also active here, so he might chime in)…