Cubase 8 and Kontakt 5 opening Very SLOW

Hey there,

So all of a sudden loading a Cubase 8 file take for-e-ver. Like 5 minutes long. Sometimes it freeze around loading recorded audio sometimes around loading HSSE Main but it’s inconsistent. The files are only about 3-14 MB large.

Then once it opens it take about 10 minutes to load about 2GB of instruments into Kontakt 5.3. Cubase will also freeze once it tries to open Kontakt for about 2 minutes,

I created all these files in Cubase 8.

Any ideas what I can do? It never used to be this slow.


Failing drive ? Probably not, but worth checking.

Drives are all working great at 100%

I’ve uploaded a picture of where it gets stuck. However there is very little audio there and it seems to do it on other files too.
Cubase Hang.GIF

same problem here! did you find a solution?

Exactly the same here.
I first noticed it when I was in a project and I clicked on the icon which opens up your instrument panel - instead of Kontakt opening as usual, the curser turned into the little blue circle of doom. ABout 2 minutes later, Kontakt opened up…
Now, when I load a project it takes forever for the Kontakt-based instruments to open!

Please help!!!

same problem here! Latest Kontakt and all of NI. btw. I have crash every time I close one and try open another project. Every time dump

Same prob here. Super slow loads.

I have also the same problem even worse. Some time Kontakt freeze while loading a project.
Or freeze when i load a simple instance in the rack…
Its happen on Cubase 8.5 and win 10. :confused:

Do you happen to have Windows Defender enabled on the sample drive?
I had the same problem with a couple of very large Kontakt Multis and the problem went away when I disabled Windows Defender on the sample drive. Another thing you can try is batch resaving the Kontakt library that takes forever to load. Make a backup of the library before batch resaving it, because there are a few libraries that are messed up by the batch resaving process.
Hope this helps


Same problem here with cubase 9.5 and win 10. Whenever i open kontakt and also some other vsts(omnisphere for example) the gui freezes for a minute. And this is before even loading any libraries! Just the plugin. In FL studio and Bitwig those plugins open as they should, so i would guess its a problem in cubase.
It s a real killer for my workflow…