cubase 8 and plugins

Hey guys,

I currently own and use Nuendo 4, but recently have been thinking about purchasing cubase 8 as well because I really like some of the features, especially the vca fader implementation. I dont want to remove Nuendo from my system because sometimes I use the video component of it which I like.

I was wondering, if I was to install cubase pro 8, do I need to re install my plugins, or can I point it to see the already existing VST folders?

i dont want to have to re install all my plugins if I can avoid it.

Are there any other issues that may arise from having both Nuendo and Cubase running on the same machine? I wouldnt think so but thought id ask anyway.


You won’t have to reinstall your plugins, just set the ‘path’.

I don’t believe you will run into any problems by installing Cubase on a machine that already has Nuendo on it. The installations are totally separate.

They won’t even know the other is there unless you tell them! :mrgreen:

As long as you don’t point the path to the Nuendo folder, that would really mess things up. But i guess i’m the only one that made that mistake, a loooong time ago :-/

im pretty sure all of my plugins are installed into “program files (x86)/steinberg/vstplugins”

last time I checked there were no files inside the “nuendo/vst plugins” folder. But in case there is what is the best method to rectify? I guess, uninstall then reinstall the corresponding plugins to “steinberg/vstplugins” fodler?

thanks for the help guys, appreciate it,