Cubase 8 and score key changes

I have the score settings:
Key Changes for Entire Project
Warning for new key at line breaks
Show naturals
I started with a key signature of E major
In measure 14, I insert a key change of Eb Major
At measure 14, I see the three flats, but there are no naturals canceling the sharps of the previous signature.
Furthermore, measure 14 is a new page and there is no key change warning at the end of measure 13.
I expect to see these things because that’s the way my old Cubase 4 worked.
Is this a change (for the worse, I think) to Cubase 8? If so, what do those score project setting mean?
Otherwise, what’s wrong?


I tested your scenario with Cubase 8.5 and default settings, and it works as expected. There is change warning, and the naturals canceling of the previous Signature is also here.

But if I switch the “Key Changes for the entire Project”, then it doesn’t work. I can confirm this. I will post it as a bug.