Cubase 8+ and Tempo Matching to Compound Time Signatures (such as 6/8)

Hi Everyone.

I’ve been trying to tap out a tempo using my midi keyboard to match it to my project. My project is in a compound time signature 6/8 in which, we have 2 beats per measure. It is not convinient to play 6 notes for each 1/8 note in measure. At least it feels our and not natural to do that in 6/8. Four simple time signatures, of course we want 2,3, or 4 beats per measure for 2/4,3/4, and 4/4 times signatures.

Is it possible to tap at each beat ( dotted quarter notes) and then have cubase to insert between to beat two additional tap? Say using tremolo or logic editor?

If anyone give me a workaround ( instructions) that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,