Cubase 8 and the UR824 Controller?

Greetings! I am new to the forum. I am considering moving away from Pro Tools to Cubase. I plan to run it on a fast Win 7 PC, unless there are good reasons to go Mac.

I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions about setting up my home studio based on these components. I currently have a Pro Tools Digirack rackmount I/O that is outdated and can’t use the lastest version of Pro Tools LE software. That’s why I am considering Cubase.

Also, what are the most economical hardware solutions for controllers/mixers?

Any tips on the PC setup would also be appreciated.


Leon Bryant
San Antonio, TX

UR824 is great! In fact its a soundcard with a builtin digital mixer with 8 EQ/Comp inserts and 1 yamah rev reverb as a send effect.

I can recommend it :slight_smile: