Cubase 8 and UAD-2/Apollo

Can anyone comment on how Cubase 8 Pro is playing with the UAD platform? Any issues or other information of which one should be aware?


Had no issues with any of my UAD2 plugins this end, just as they were on 7.5!

Are you on Yosemite with UAD Apollo & C8?

Windows 7 64 bit

the only thing you should be aware of is, UAD plugins cause the latency to be increased quite high when using Asio guard in cubase 8
by default you will get 12ms of latency, if you use the lower latency asio guard you will get 6ms… the best you will ever get is 6 with asio guard turned on

You know it ought to be a requirement that everyone includes their set-up in their signature as it saves a lot of time.

I have not had any issues with the latency that a few users have reported. I am using Asio Guard on the Low setting. It will probably take UAD two or more years to get around to endorsing 8. It took them long enough with 7.

My feeling is that it is fine. I have tried using UAD plugins in a live guitar track - I was monitoring through them without any significant latency. Pressing the constrain delay button made little discernible difference. Whether that would be the same on a Mac I have no ideas.

hi Silhouette

open a project
open the UAD shortcut icon at the bottom of the screen
go to system info
and it will report the plugin latency…

report back thx :slight_smile:

and my setup
Intel i7 64bit 16gb ram - Windows 8.1 - Rme Fireface UCX - Uad Octo - Uad quad

I should add… I’m Win 7, Intel i7, 64gb ram, RME UCX, UAD Octo… But I didn’t notice any differences with it, though can’t say I’ve had any super long sessions in Cubase 8 yet.

Cubase7.5.30: 192 Samples(4.35 msec@44100) With and without Asio Guard

Cubase 8 Pro with Asio Guard : 320 samples(7,26)
without A G : 192(4.35)

I did find that whilst the Average load on the VAST performance was the same I did experience more real time peaks when not using AG in C8. Obviously this might make me turn off AG when tracking the guitar. mmmmmm

Very interesting - I guess I won’t be running Asio Guard without a little thought.
Thanks for the opportunity to find out something useful!
Luckily I am not so heavily invested in UAD that I don’t have plenty of alternatives for tracking. It is however still very annoying.

I would hope that Steinberg will have a look at this as it is different behaviour.

I can see the UAD control panel reports the higher latency, but I cannot hear this additional latency when playing live with a UAD plug inserted. Could this additional latency only affects tracks which are not being monitored live?

It does not sound greatly different, but it is there and now that I notice it…
I suppose it is only standing a few extra feet from an amp!
However I think that it is a problem that has to be addressed and a retrograde step in 8.

I’ve a proble with UAD apollo an windows 8.1.
driver can’t run and it restard for complete the rool back.
i’ve that since UAD v7.11.
UAd don’t support windows 8.1
i don’ know how can’ i run it good .

and on v7.11 i’ve crack audio on windows 8.1

hmm i waite UAD do a new download on windows 10 maybee.

Higher AG latency is not an issue per se, as it is just increasing the playback preload buffer, but not the record latency, which should be whatever plugins in the path require.

AG only works on the playback tracks, aggressively preloading (that is, rendering) them to free up as much CPU for the live tracks as possible.

Apollo + 3 UAD-2 cards on Cubase 8 Pro. I switched on Asio Guard, and lots of weird things happened so switched it off again.

I have not had much luck in getting the headphones volume to work in the Control Room Panel, despite having set up the headphones L & R in the Devices Connections page. The main problem is that when I mute the main monitors in the Control Panel it does not work. This is a Cubase thing and not related to version 8.0.

If anyone has any ideas on the above they would be gratefully received.

nearly the same problem.
I use cubase pro 8.0.5 on my pc
I’ve just bought apollo quad. I plugged via firewire card. I installed drivers and it run. I can see the device under the windows’ device manager I can listen to music on my pc.
Cubase8 doesn’t recognize my apollo. I can’t select it in cubase under Device Setup > VST Audio System. There is no apollo option under the menu.

Any suggestions?

Windows 8.1 64bit.
Cubase pro 8.0.5 64bit.
UAD Apollo Quad.
SIGG DP Firewire 800 PCIe (NN-FW0012-S1) firewire card.

I had a student who got the smaller Apollo. It was sexy, but he had nothing but problems with it and Thunderbolt. It lasted two weeks before dying completely.

The problem solved!
Cubase 8.0.5 recognizes Apollo Quad under windows 8.1.
I’ve just restarted after UAD driver installation, and UAD drivers activated UAD plug-ins and completed UAD installation. Cubase 8 recognizes Apollo now.
I can also say that updating firmware card drivers to latest version is very importart, Go win8’s device manager, find your firmware and right click>update.