CUBASE 8 and UR44 Monitor Mixes

I cannot produce 3 separate mixes from a ur44 and cubase 8 pro. Can somebody please direct me to the exact means of producing 3 mixes from a ur44 interface and cubase 8?
No matter how many hours I have spent on this I can only get 2 mixes to work through the outputs.
Exact cubase 8 instructions, I don’t care which output provides which mix just as long as there are 3 mixes.
Thanks so much for the information.


I don’t think you can have 3 mixes at the same time.

You have 2 and mix 1 is always main mix. So it is really just mix 2 that’s freely asignable.

You can have more and alternate between them.
But not at the same time I’m affraid.

Hmm… I’m the same with @misohoza post above…

If I’m reading the UR44 manual right (5 minutes…?), I don’t see that its possible to have 3 separate mixes/outputs. There is only the Mix 1 and Mix 2 assignments. You probably already know, Mix 1 is available at the Main Outs L+R (monitor) and also at Line outputs 1+2; Mix 2 is available through Line outputs 3+4. That’s your lot.

Sorry if I’ve missed something, but what made you think you could get 3 separate mixes from the device…?