Cubase 8 and X-touch !

Hello everyone,
I’m gonna to buy behringer x-touch to make cubase easier and faster to control. But i have a question for those which have use it. Is it working properly witch Cubase 8 ? I mean i know that faders/encoders will work but sth like channel strip lcd’s do they change colour? Or do the buttons working fine -for instance is button named click turns on/off click or maybe it’s “undo” option? Whats ablout lcd displaying time/bars? Thanks for any answear!

Having had plans similar to yours, I have tried to research the topic up front and here is what I have found out.

The channel strips will NOT change colour, because Cubase does not send that information.
Be prepared that quite a few buttons and their expected functionalities will not work with Cubase as inferred from the published pictures and description, this apparently includes the Click and Undo buttons. See an overlay PDF developed by one of the users made available at

Some people claim that you can re-program some of the assignments, but it looks like an effort and it is not clear to me if you can reprogram ALL x-touch buttons, such as Marker, Undo and Click, not to mention Shift-ed, Control-ed and Alt-ed ones. For leads see

If you browse to you will see an explanation of the Cubase compatibility problem (legit) and the reasoning for lack of related support or information (twisted: many respectable HW controller manufacturers provide extended compatibility information, Nektar to name one), but it is hard to say if this is the official position of the manufacturer.

You would think that the compatibility challenges were at least hinted in the user manual, but there is no user manual (sic!), at lest I could not find one. I also have found no such hints while reviewing the manufacturer’s materials available on their site and published on popular Internet channels. I have no reason whatsoever to claim that I am being misguided, but I have a feeling of being … under-informed.

Having invested a lot of my time to gather information that should have been available on the manufacturer’s site, I see no reason to add x-touch to my Cubase, unless I find a roadmap/instruction to the re-programming and a simple example thereof. I still hope the manufacturer can provide such support.