Cubase 8 -> Antelope orion sample rate sync problem

Can someone say what could be wrong. Antelope orion 32 hd interface can not follow Cubase 8.5 project sample rate. Orion set via usb3 to computer (Win 10). All drivers are up to date and Antelope support person has checked the system remotely and couldn’ t find a problem yet. It’s weird cause it seems like something is blocking the sample rate information to orion. Example, if launch first orion and it is 44.1 and then open cubase project with 48.1 orion do not set to 48 but if you switch clock source in orion control panel to something else it automaticly switch back to usb with correct sample rate. Did fresh installation to Cubase and about hundred times orion driver and control. Could it be windows?


Hi and welcome,

In general Cubase sample rate change doesn’t affect the Audio Interface sample rate, as far as I know. If I change the project sample rate, I fave to change the Audio Device sample rate too.

Hi Martin and thanks for a response,
Problem is that if cubase project sample rate dont match with interface rate I cannot change the interface rate (from physical interface buttons or software) when Cubase is launched. Must restart sometimes several times interface and/or pc. If interface is launched for example 96 khz and I launch Cubase it immediatly changes interface sample rate to 44,1 before any project is launched, then if open Cubase project with 96 kHz cannot change the intreface rate back 96khz. Bit frustrating. I know this pretty sure Orion driver issue but since I didn`t get the solution from Antelope support I tried luck from here. Is there some preset sample rate inside Cubase?