Cubase 8 artist midi learn insert effects

Is there a way to get midi learn to work with insert effects?

I’m aware of how to do it with quick controls, but I have more than 8 knobs buttons and sliders on my midi controller…

I’ve figured out how to run a midi track to an insert effect, but the resulting cc data is cumbersome to edit and the extract midi function leaves a lot to be desired (I haven’t gotten it to work without transferring it to the specified automation track within the track containing the insert I want to manipulate)

I’m a weirdo, my sound design is almost exclusively through manipulating audio with vst effects so having immediate hand on control over as many of the parameters as I can map to my midi controller is really important for my workflow.

Hi and welcome,

You can assign them by using Generic Remote Device. But his is not dynamic (flexible) assignment.