Cubase 8 Artist OSX - VST Instruments load "minimized"


I usually use cubase on my PC and have no really problems with it, on the road I want to use in the future a Mac Book Pro and have Cubase Artist 8 installed and some of my VST like vanguard or Sylenth, and this VST Instrumenst load more or less “minimzed” so just an icon appears in the VST Instrumenst window, a double click on the “Icon” opens the VST Instrument, and the rest of the screen will be blacked out.

Setup: MBP early 2011 - 8 GB - OSX Yosemite
Cubase Artist 8

Native Instruments VST load normally in a window, like it should be.
But Sylenth and Vanguard open minimized - I want to have these VST Instruments open like all other VST in a window to be accessable like it should be.

Could not find anything on the net if there is a solution so I hope you can help me out here, as this is really driving me nuts.

Best Regards for helping me from austria, and a happy new year to all of you.

Nobody with the Same failure?

The plug-ins you see “minimized” are 32-bit plug-ins. When running Cubase in 64 bit (which is the default) you will see these old plug-ins that way. You have two options :

  • Update the plug-ins to 64-bit (recommended)
  • or you open Cubase in 32-bit by checking a flag in the Finder info window.