Cubase 8 Artist Windows projects in Cubase 10 MacOs

Hi everyone,

general questions: Should it be possible to open Cubase Artist 8 projects in Cubase 10 Artist on MacOs? If not what options are there to import them, just audio / midi import? Thanks in advance for the help.

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Yes, you can open Cubase Artist 8 project in Cubase Artist 10.

Hmmmmm…I tried this and nothing is happening.
I select the project file and then nothing. No error message.

Should work as normal. I had a couple sessions from Mac (it was in Cubase 9 times) and I had no problems to open them on my Windows machine. Should work the other way round as well.


Does the Create New Project work in your side?

Hi. Yes I can create a new project.

Anything to consider in Windows? Export it in a particular way?


Could the window be just hidden somewhere? Do you see Cubase menu? Can you see some windows in the Cubase Window menu? Can you see any windows, if you click to the Cubase icon in the Start (Task) bar?

Ok, I was able to open it now by double-clicking the project file in the finder. It is however not possible to open it via the “open”-dialog in cubase. This is strange.

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In any case thank you all for your support.