Cubase 8 & Audient ID14- ASIO Driver Not Running Message

I’m using Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.1, recently bought Audient ID14. I downloaded the latest driver from their website and latest firmware as well.
When I hit (Record) to record audio I get : Recording Error: ASIO is not running. I looked everywhere on the net and couldn’t fine the solution. I tried downloading many “useless” audio usb drivers to fix the issue but failed me as I expected.

Any Idea on solving this issue? I run Cubase 8 just fine on my Windows 8 and 10 but couldn’t get it to work on OSX. Please help. Many thanks.

Cubase 8.5 just solved this issue without doing anything after updating. Many thanks.

I had the same issue with Cubase 8 + Mac mini (late 2012) + Focusrite Scarlet 18i8.

For me the 8.0.40 update solved the issue:

It seems that Cubase 8.0.0 was buggy.