Cubase 8 audio mixdown suddenly sounds bad

As title says. Whenever I export a file (I’m using MIDI only, instrument tracks), the sound quality drops considerably. I’ve never had this problem before, it just suddenly happened. I’ve tried exporting as mp3, wave, flac, with different sample rates and bits, but the issue is still there. Anyone have any experience with this? How do I fix this?


I’m bumping this topic as I’ve recently been wanting to export in Cubase, but I still have this problem. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Dude, what means bad? Low quality? 128 kbit/s, 44000 khz or low sound levels or clipping\distortion? What?

Do you really think hundreds of people on the forums wouldn’t notice that something is wrong with Cubase? It’s obvious that you messed things up or doing something wrong, but with such a description it’s nearly impossible to say what.

Share your project please.

Bad, as in distorted, with poor audio quality compared to what it sounded like in the Cubase project. As if I hit “play” and recorded the playback with a poor recording app on my phone.

No, I’m fairly certain hundreds of people on the forums would notice if something was universally wrong with Cubase. That’s a different matter though? Or am I missing your point? I created the topic because I had problems with my copy of Cubase, and I didn’t know what caused it, and would like to see if someone had a suggestion that could solve my problem. I know it’s obvious I messed something up, or at least that something had been messed up (could have been I’d encountered a bug or something), and was trying to figure out what it could be.

Anyway, I fixed it. It was a noobie-mistake. Audio Engine Output was set to “Mono downmix” instead of “L/R channel” for some reason.