Cubase 8 & Behringer BCR2000

I’m using Cubase 8 Pro, and i’ve picked up an old Behringer BCR2000 midi controller (the one with all the rotary controllers). I want to use this to control soft synths in cubase, or help with mixing in cubase.

Im really struggling to set it up to get it working

And struggling to get it to work in learn mode.

Doesnt seem to be much info on internet and my skills are limited.

Any help would be great


What operating system do you use?

In case you’re trying to connect the BCR2000 via USB, note that there are no compatible drivers for Windows 10. Some people have gotten it to work but no such luck here, even with compatibility modes. The MIDI mode works though and doesn’t need drivers either. For setting that up, refer to the Cubase manual about Device Setup/Remote Devices.

Activate Mackie Mode in the BCR and load the Mackie remote in Device Setup. The BCRs are great devices.

Sorry, I’m performancing my BCR2000 right now, and the BCR’s manual doesn’t explain this emulation (Mackie).

What type is it ?

I’m looking for a Prologue , Halion BCR presets … does anybody know where i cant find them ???

Thanks in advanced.