Cubase 8 - Can anyone help with problem please?

I’m relatively new to Cubase but although a steep learning curve it does a great job.
One issue is bugging me and I can’t seem to overcome it.
On one particular piece I am using track instruments synths with Halion Sonic SE and using R/W automation for fades and boosts.
For whatever reason at bars 58 and 59 the two tracks in question decide to mute (the yellow mute light comes on) and I can’t hear the instrument output. Then a few bars later the mute goes off again and all is good.
Can any of you more experienced users tell me what the problem is and can it be fixed without deleting the two tracks and re-doing them?
Many thanks for your advice :unamused:

Most likely you accidentally added some Mute Automation somehow. Open the Lane to see your Volume Automation. Click where it says Volume and a drop-down menu will appear for parameters that can be Automated. Select Mute from the list. Then find and delete the unwanted Automation Points.

Yes that is exactly what has happened, God knows how it happened but that’s another story and I can move on with another valuable piece of knowledge. Thank you