Cubase 8 can't remember metronome setup

I notices, that for some reasons Cubase 8 can’t remember metronome setup, first of all - Click outputs / MIDI Port Channel. I load some simple GM Instrument to be my metronome clicking sound, choose it in metronome setup/click outputs/MIDI Port channel. But when I save the project and reopen it, it shows, that MIDI Port “not connected”, so I’m forced to connect this instrument again. Not very big deal, but that was not soch a problem in previous Cubase version I worked with.


Is it the same, if you use external (HW) MIDI Output? Does Cubase remember it in this case?

Are you using Win or Mac?

I have the exact same issue in 8.0.30 . Not a huge deal, but certainly inconvenient. Seems like an easy fix for Steinberg.

Looks like this is a known issue. SteveInChicago suggests a method to possibly help.