Cubase 8 & chord pads (fill the gap between two chords?)

Hello Everyone,

I currently have played several chords that fit really good together, but I ran into a problem and that is that I cannot come up with a chord between two other chords to make a nice transition.

So, to smuggle (and learn) a bit is there a way that chord pads can reconise the notes I have played with Spire (or any other vst) and give a suggestion what chord can fit between two chords?


Edit: I found by using Project -> Chord Tracks -> Create chord symbol, adds the chords to a chord track, but it also changes my chords, which I do not want. How to make cubase reconise my chords?


If you create an empty Chord Event(s), with X, then you can click to the X, and use Chord Assistant. This will provide you one or more progressions, based on the 1st, and the last defined chords, you made. This is not based on the notes, you played in the MIDI track.

Or, there is another option. Open the Key Editor with your MIDI Notes. Select the MIDI notes, where you want to create a harmony (Chords). In the Chord Editing tab, click down to the Create Chord Symbols. Make the settings in the Create Chord Symbols window, and click OK.