Cubase 8 - coming soon?

Just curious if anyone has heard anything. I’m guessing 8 will be announced around this coming Winter NAMM. I’m absolutely loving 7.5, but always get excited with new/improved Cubase versions. :slight_smile:

Dude - Cubase 8 was released over a month ago. Where have you been? You haven’t seen the new subforum available from the main page?

I’m sure you will know about it when the rest of us know about it. I have heard “SYNC” is a beta tester … :mrgreen: .

Next you’ll be telling me that Windows 8 has been released already.

Are you having a conversation with yourself?


How’d you know Bro! …actually I’m more of a masterbeta :smiley:

You pickin’ on little Ol’ me, cause I’za be a GAY blackman again? :wink:

Hi Sean…how am I doing today? I think you are very correct on your assumption about Cubase 8. Also, I’ve been wanting to tell you for the longest time that I think you hair is freakin’ awesome! …and your music isn’t half-bad either.

I’d believe it for sure


I’m glad to see you have a sense of humor, at least. I am curious as well to see what Steinberg has to offer with Cubase 8.

Naahh…Steve is still beta testing Cubase VST5.0 :smiling_imp: !


Hey Mauri, have you got room for another version in your signature??? Holy moly :open_mouth: :laughing:


He don’t need no steeenking kord track!



Neither do I but chord editing is not something I’d be wanting to dispense with.

Hopefully independent naming of stems on export.

On a German video podcast (Musotalk) from last year in which they discussed Cubase 7.5, I heard Helge Vogt say Steinberg is on a 12 month development cycle for Cubase. He also mentioned that there are about 70 people working with the development department.


Mid 2015