Cubase 8 CPU problem

Hello everybody.
So I got a serious problem with Cubase 8. I just start a new project and add some few vst plug in insert and FX. Anyway even it’s at the beginning of the project the CPU in VST performance is at 50% of his capacity!!! Also I don’t think it’s coming from computer because it’s a quadcore with 16gig ram! Yes it’s strange. I never had that with 7.5. Somehow I read in forum that I add to get down buffer size, so buffer is sound card latency. Right? I just change from 20ms till 100ms but nothing change. So I am a bit fed up trying to fix this problem. If anybody could help it would be wonderful.

Thanks in advance for your help


Amen to that, brother!

I’ve noticed similar things with C8 that were NEVER the case with C7.5. Yesterday, I was playing a .wav file in a brand new project window - one track, with no processing of any kind - and it was too much of an overload for C8 to play.

Just like you, my system is an Intel i7 8-core processor with 32GB RAM. There is no reason for this to be happening.

Could the recent maintenance updates to C7.5 be foreshadowing to us all? I sure hope not. I have had a lot of respect for Steinberg since 1999, and I just need to know if I need to change that now.

Interestingly I have the same spec computer as yours - a new build. Fresh install of C8 up to 8.0.10.
No CPU spikes at all and am running largish projects at 64 samples without any issues.
As you can see below I am using an RME Fireface UC and am not suffering from the RME spiking that some users report.
There must be something that I am not using that you are?

Could it be the NVidia graphics card? Other users have reported issues? Are you using the latest driver?

I am running AMD RadeonHD 7700 in windows 8.1.

find the audio , bring into another program, convert to .flac import into new cubase and no problems

i am having this issue, effect multitrack playback… .wav only in v7 and v8