Cubase 8 Crash Dump

I just spent $299 upgrading to Cubase Pro 8. I open a project go to Devices to set the Buffers to adjust the Latency with my Sound Card …Sound Devices USB Pre 2 and Cubase crashes and completely freezes . I can’t even shut down and so have to turn power off. I’m using Windows 7 and operating in 64 bit mode and have the latest 64 bit drivers for the sound card.

I seemed to have a more stable set up 10 years ago with Cubase SX 3 a Pentium 4 using Windows XP .

Please help before I count my losses by a Mac and switch to another DAW. James.

PS where do I send the crash dump files to . I tried to attach them here but the message above reads " The extension dmp is not allowed "

You need to send them to support via your MySteinberg account.