Cubase 8 Crashes, help needed.


I am experiencing crashes related to the- Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 6.1.7601.18869, time stamp: 0x556366f2- but it’s not related to my iLok

My iLok plugins work fine in all my projects except one, which was a project I started in Cubase 8, then opened in Cubase 6 and reopened in Cubase 8. I was told by customer support that going from 8 to 6 as the source of my crashes. I don’t have any crashes with Cubase projects that I started in 8 and stayed in 8. I don’t have problems with projects I started in 6 and then went to 8. I only have problems with the one project where I went from 8 to 6 and then back to 8.

I got rid of my PluginAlliance plugins and cubase seems much more stable now. Thanks kavinsky, never would’ve guess the problem without your help. I uninstalled them and I’ll probably sell them and try to find a replacement.

Oh, this seems promising… I will try it right away.

Thanks kavinsky you are a life saver!! I have been struggling with this for two weeks now. Mutualizing my project, getting rid of tracks, plugins, changing system settings and even buying new hard drives for my computer (like others in this thread).
Unfortunately there is no update yet from Plugin Alliance thus rendering my bx_digital V3 plugin useless… My other bx_ plugs are still running on older versions…

Thanks again and happy Easter!

Just replace them with earlier versions if possible.

I received an almost immediate response from Plugin Alliance after I asked them if they were aware of this issue:

So… kudos for the quick response and possible solution.
I will be testing with the VST 2 version of bx_digital V3 tomorrow morning…