Cubase 8 crashes when I open my mixer panel

Hey. I recently upgraded my PC to win10 and installed newly fresh Cubase 8. I’ve loaded my old projects with no problem (despite missing VSTs I yet installed). Now, everytime I open my Mixer Panel, I get this error “a serious problem has occurred…” followed by a generated core dump.
I have tested both with and without any plugins and Cubase is still crashing. Generally Cubase is working far worse than it used to on my win7 machine. I’ve read all of the other related threads from years ago regarding this issue and nothing helped. I’m not going to re-install cubase again, this is already too much.

Please, can someone take a look at these dumps or tell me how to open them? they were all generated when I opened up my Mixer panel in the last couple of sessions.
cubase error.png
Cubase 64bit 2020.5.30 14.11.dmp (598 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2020.5.30 14.09.dmp (577 KB)