Cubase 8 crashes when i try to scroll files to open on my HDD

Hello everyone! My Cubase 8 on Catalina Crashes when i press Open Other or Open file to choose the file.After pushing it starts rolling and then crash.I worked with Cubase 8 many years on Mavericks and High Sierra. Now im on Catalina and for the first time in my life i see this. Maybe Catalina is too new for C8?do i have a chance to fix that? thanks

That’s it. Cubase 8 from 2015 isn’t compatible with Catalina.

do i have a chance to fix that?

Not really, except up updating Cubase or going back to your previous working MacOS version, if that is possible,

Thank you. that is very sad.i didnt want to continiue using cubase cause it always crashes even with only original plugins… super annoying that after a years nothing changes… cubase 5 cubase8 (( but have a lot unfinished works in it. Sad that most likely it will stay unfinished(