Cubase 8 crashing on new desktop - Help


Ive just set up my new desktop and have installed my hardware and software.

I did a similar thing on my laptop about 3 years ago, ie same uad twin thunderbolt vard, same cubase 8,04, etc.

This time Cubase is crashing. it either foes system runtime error when it is loading or if it loads, it will allsuddenly disappear.

I have a purpose built i9 10900, with 32 gb of ram, new SSd drives all from a reputable audio pc builder. Ive installed the uad drivers, cubase 8 and the 8.04 upgrade, ni komplete, roland clound pro and six waves 11.x plugs plus two waves 9.x plugs.

any ideas?

Should i unilnstall and reinstall cubasae?
Should i upgrade to Cubase 11? (i dont really want to do this right now unless it is the obviius solution).

Thanks simon


Make sure you r plug-ins are up-to-date, please.

Could you ZIP and attach a *.demp file, please?

Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

hi Martin

i just set the desktop up, so the plugs are all freshly downloaded from the manufacturers. (ie not copied across from theold laptop).

the last few times it has all run perfectly.

i have attached the dmp files. (1.4 MB)

Thanks for your help.



It’s interesting, exactly the same stack text I can see here and here. But I didn’t see this crash before.

At the end, it’s in Windows… Did you update your Windows or just a minor/component update?


Do you use Dropbox or similar service? Do you store your project directly to Dropbox (or similar)?