Cubase 8 crashing upon opening a project

When I try to open certain projects, Cubase 8 crashes and generates a dump-file. This happens with certain projects only. The plugins used are only Garritan CFX in one case, Vienna Ensemble Pro in another. The crashing started suddenly without me adding any plugins to the projects in the session before. The solution for the same crashes in Version 8.0.20 didn’t help in my case:

The crashes do not happen if I open an empty project first, then open the afflicted project in an inactive state, then activate it with the active button.

System: Windows 10 64bit, Cubase 8 Pro Version 8.0.30.

Any help would be much appreciated.

try removing your vst folders so cubase no longer sees it. That way you can figure out which plugin is causing Cubase to crash. also you could try trashing your preferences (look about how to do it correctly and backup the old Cubase folder first.)

Thank you for the suggestions, I’ll try to do that. I already know that in one case it’s Garritan CFX that’s crashing (it’s the only vst loaded in that project). In a second case it must be Vienna Ensemble Pro.
Trashing the preferences might help. I’ll try that today. Thanks for the tip.

It’s not the preferences unfortunately. Cubase crashes all the same upon loading the projects.

Its gotta be VST instrument then. Try renaming or hiding the VST folder. Then add plugins back. I’ve had this happen before with ewql play or QL spaces

Thank you, that helped. It was indeed a VST that had sneaked in and I didn’t remember. Removing that one helped.