CUBASE 8 Crashing When Initializing

I just updated to Cubase 8 from Cubase 6. The install went well, and the security usb dongle went well too.

But now when initializing Cubase 8 keeps crashing about 10 seconds in.

Could this be from not uninstalling Cubase 6 yet?

Please help, thanks…


some more details are needed, nobody will be able to help you without knowing which OS you use, which interface and audio driver, the specific version of the software, it’s architecture and when exactly Cubase crashes.

And please, only one post about the same subject.

Thank you.

To this question. No, you can keep (and work with) both versions of CB.

Regards :sunglasses:

Indeed, thanks for filling the gap :slight_smile:

Sorry, my 1st post I noticed was in the wrong thread, and thats why the 2nd post.

I running on Windows 7 64 bit but installed the 32 bit version of 8Pro, which is the most current version because I just downloaded it 2 days ago.

Interface is a UAD Apollo.

Version 6 has been working fine, and still does.

Version 8 crashes about 10 seconds in to the initialization. The title screen comes on, it starts loading all the plug ins and soft synths, etc, and then it crashes and I get an error screen asking me whether to “find a solution online” or “close the program”.

Hope that helps…

Just noticed that UAD just released a new software update that they say is NOW compatible with Cubase 8.

Maybe this is the culprit?

Downloading now and will report by results back after updating…

Problem Solved!

It was my UAD system, after installing the new update it works fine now!

Thank you for updating the thread, that’s good to know for other users as well.