Cubase 8 - Different Speaker Levels in Control Room

How do I set the various speaker levels in Cubase 8’s Control Room?

I’m running 4 sets of monitors (Mackie HR824s, Yamaha NS10s, Auratones, and some old TOA bookshelf speakers) and can’t find the option to set their individual levels.

The levels used to be under the “Setup” section in Cubase 7, but that section isn’t to be found in 8.

Any help?


Steingberg did a great job of hiding this. It’s a tiny little meter next to the “Phase button” under the “Monitors” heading in Setup on CR Mixer:

You can set the level for each monitor by clicking on the A, B buttons below the main volume knob.

I lovethe Control Room, but the Mixer is nearly unusable. Evrything’s so hidden now.