Cubase 8 Disk Overload During Export in Empty Session

So, today I started working on some project and I was trying to render vocals thru outboard compressor using external insert and bouncing it by Batch Export in Real Time. I kept getting “Disk Overload” when I clicked export so I thought - maybe there is too much CPU using in this project. I deleted ALL tracks and inserts except one mono track with vocal and external insert - almost 0% of CPU use and AGAIN - Disk Overload.

I double checked and my HDD works fine. Also moved session to new expensive SSD and the same situation

Any ideas WTF is going on with this?

Here is the video to prove how it looks:

P.S. I hope this time Steinberg won’t ignore my thread.


I got that today using an external synth.

I didn’t bother looking in to it because I just used a group channel to record the synth on to a new line but the red light wasn’t showing in the peak meter.

I can see other tracks on the video.

What about your BufferSize and ASIO Guard settings, please?

Asio Guard on medium and asio buffer at 256

Could you try to switch ASIO Guard Off (just to be sure), please?

One more idea: what about your disk space on your HDD? Do you have more than 10% free?

I double checked asio guard off - didnt help, was even worse

100gb left on HDD< also, I moved session to SSD and i didnt help either.

Is this 100GB more then 10%? Are you sure, you have a permission to write to the folder, where you are exporting, the Mixdown?

How is your HDD formated (NTFS)?

Do you have the same issue with other projects too? Or only this project?

Could you try to make a Backup of this project to different folder, and then try again?

I’ve been dealing with similar issues! I joined the thread over here …

I have drop outs with 50% of load in sessions, different folders, different projects.

ALso, I just upgraded my setup do RME HDSPe MADI (pciexpress) with SSL Alpha Link AX and it can sometimes cause drop outs overloads when rendering at 50% cpu in cubase. this suck so much.