Cubase 8 Does not recognise VSTi's from old projects...

I have bought and upgraded to Cubase 8.5 PRO, great!.. I thought. However every old project I load (Including ones made on MAC using Cubase 8.5) it does not recognise I have certain plugins installed.

I have tried making sure the VST plugin manager is looking in all the right folders, I’ve added a plugin *.dll to various different plugin folders (Why it needs 1) program files/steinberg, 2) program files/VST plugins, 3) program files(86)/VST plugins is a mystery).

Anyhow, it’s not that Cubase cannot find the plugins, it just cant load them into projects not made using the current Cubase install. I supersede the plugins that it cant find “!!!Zebra2!!!” with Zebra2… but obviously I lose all the settings I spent hours tweaking to get that sound.

Yes I can fire up my old laptop, fire up cubase 5 and export the settings for that plugin, email them to myself then bring them back in but that’s a ridiculous way of over coming the problem and unfortunately I cant do the same for the tracks I have saved on my old PC’s backup drive… well I could but I wont bore you with how laborious that will be.

Anyone have this problem, the only posts similar I can see is where Cubase 8 just doesn’t find the plugin!

Hi and welcome,

There could be multiple reasons for this:
A - The plug-in is not installed.
B 32-bit version of the plug-in was installed and used on the old system, but 64-bit version is installed on the new system.
C - Newer version (with different version number) is installed on the new system.
D - Plug-in is old and not supported anymore.

Hi Martin

I think it’s the 32bit / 64 bit issue. Thanks for your help!