Cubase 8 Download Expiring Link IS BAD!!!!

So I am doing a clean install. My hard drive and backup got wiped. I have this Cubase 8 DVD I made from my download and thought I was set. After installing it, I noticed some important things are missing such as Halion library and Impulse files! Okay I figured out that I now have to download the 9 gig file. I don’t have the other DVDs I need. I think I threw them out. I go to download but now there is a real issue because I have a slow DSL. It was going along I have to keep checking it because it stops once in a while but I can resume. However, when it gets to a certain point after a few hours, the name of the file in my download manager changes to “404 error file not found.” I look at my link and in the long url, the text “expiretime=1436745231.” So I figure out this is not a real url but a temporary, very temporary url. I am tired, very tired frustrated and angry. I have to wait until Monday to call them or drive 120 miles to my parents house to download it? Why? Why? Why? Why not just let me download it with no time limit? Why not have a real url? Is it because they are afraid pirates will get the url and crack the software? BUT THEY DO THIS ANYWAY! It’s not my problem! I have been a loyal customer since the Atari days! Then I look in the ftp site, maybe it’s not there BUT NO! I do see a lot of old versions from 6 back to the Atari even but not the file I need!!!

I am very disappointed with Steinberg over this. You Steinberg, have put your priorities over mine. That is so wrong. It is cursing wrong!!!

Update to my post, someone reading might have the same problem.

I found the Cubase 7.5 downloads here as two downloads that don’t ever expire. They have the files you need. Then you need to install Cubase 8 again, then Cubase 8 update.

9 gigs is too big for a single download AND it should not expire AND it should not be hard to find the files you need. Someone really wasn’t thinking right over there. Why are files in so many places?

The link to the Cubase 7.5 files is here:

If you have registered the dongle containing your Cubase 8 license, you have a permanent download link in MySteinberg (Downloads tab).


You didn’t read my post. It is not a permanent link. When you click the link, it generates a temporary url. That is why “expiretime=1436745231” is in the url. They don’t even tell you this when you download it. They don’t tell you it is temporary and they don’t tell you how quickly you need to download it. Your post is just wrong. It generates a temporary url.

Sorry, thought you were using the webshop link. This changed recently, I don’t remember it being session-specific.
We have direct (static) links on the server, if you didn’t manage to download it yet.

I got 7.5 and Halion is next.

I have the same problem , i have upgraded to Artist version and my internet connection is too slow to download the whole 9.2 g and the link expire before i finish to download it , maybe someone can help me please ? Fabio Bartolini ? please…