Cubase 8 Elements - Changing Time Base for Marker tracks

I understand that changing time base is ripped out from Cubase 8 Elements as associated Time Warp and Audio Warp are only available in higher editions; however that leaves users unable to change Marker track to linear time instead of musical - highly irritating especially as this could hardly be considered premium functionality (the button to change is not on the track). Is there any was to do that in Elements or what was the reason to disable such basic functionality?

I just came across similar issue in Elements 9. I wanted to change whole track tempo without changing Instrument track tempo (time duration shoud be the same as before change). ‘Toggle time base’ seems to be not present. I agree that this seems odd to be only a premium feature. Speaking of premium features, also 24 instrument track limit seems a little low. And C Artist gives only 8 more. Which may be to low for even a simple homerecording track, for which I’d rather not buy Cubase Pro for it’s price. I’m in a little complainig tone, but I suppose it might be some feedback for the Steinberg.