Cubase 8 Elements "Group edit" "Slice Rules" missing ??

Hi i have started editing drums in Cubase 8 Elements .i have identified hit points now .
i have made a group folder ,but i have no Group edit function ,when i go to the Quantize panel ,i have no "Slice Rules " Display with the Priority Stars .
Am I accurate in assuming ELEMENTS ,has no Group Edit function ?
Can i up grade to ARTIST from ELEMENTS .or do i have to buy ARTIST in addition to Elements ???

I don’t think Artist has Group Edit either. Only Pro.

See here for some suggestions I just gave someone else looking to group edit:

to Grim ,
Yes i saw that post .That is exactly why i made this one !
Now i am wondering,do i have to buy PRO at the full price,or can i upgrade to it from ELEMENTS . It seems ELEMENTS Has great Keyboard VSTs ,and midi functionality .But it’s purpose seems to be for Dance and house music . The drum loops they give you don’t even contain Rock Beats ,at all !
I have a drummer ,and i read,and write drum sheet my self . I typically use 2 over heads and kick and Snare ,get a sound check level for the dynamic of the song ,and go . I really need to make my own loops ,to produce . I am working in Groove Metal . So if a song has 3 beats ,i only need loops of those 3 beats ,i can put them on the grid ,and drag and drop . I really don’t need the drummer to play the whole song .
So looks like i need PRO . I noticed there is an auto Quantization now ,in pro . That looks even easier than group edit ,alone .
LOoks like the cheapest thing to do would have the drummer play to a click . That probably will not happen .