Cubase 8 Elements on RM CC4 network

Hi All,

I have recently installed cubase 8 elements on a music suite of machines, so i have been around and installed on each machine and activated the soft licenser on all machines.

All works fine with my admin account, when i log in as a student it works fine with the soft licenser the first time then if the machine is restarted it then thinks there is no active licenser on the machine. This morning i have been around and made sure the e licenser is the latest and most up to date and got all machines working but then restarted and stopped working again as a student.

Any ideas how to fix this.

The other issue i am having because we don’t allow students to be able to access the C: drive of the machines as they could delete crucial parts of the operating system etc. when cubase does load before the machine has been restarted it cannot load the VST sounds because this points to the C: drive program data. Ideally we would like the students to login on there own account and use cubase.

Any ideas.



Hello Dom,

Just wondering if you ever achieved success running Cubase Elements on CC4 computers.
We have had all sorts of problems and not achieved real success.

We are currently running our laptops off the network which alleviates some of the problems but they still run very slowly, the program won’t shut down correctly, they keep losing access to instrument sounds and various other problems.