Cubase 8 Elements Trail


I have downloaded the trial Cubase 8 Elements however I am getting a error saying “No valid License found”. Running on OS X 10.11.4

Thanks in advance.



Did you install eLicenser Control Center, please? Can you see a Soft-eLicenser Nimber here on the left side?

Yes I have installed it, version There is a number on the left, 1184657660 - D899EFOAD9. There is a license for Cubase AI 5 there too. Could that be affecting it?

Then you should be able to use it.

No, Cubase AI 5 license is not problem.

Unfortunately it keeps on prompting me for a license key when I launch it,

Have you tried a different USB port for the e-licenser? It can sometimes be tempramental.

Just in case: Cubase Elements 8 doesn´t need a USB eLicenser.

And have you also activated the license for the trial, or just downloaded and installed the program?