Cubase 8 Elements Trial requires activation


I have seen several posts regarding the issue (not specific to just this trial) whereby after installing and running Cubase 8 Elements trial version a pop up states that:
“No valid License found. The program will quit now.”
There is an option to click “OK”, which quits, or “Start License Activation” which opens up the window for me to enter an activation code. I have the eLicenser Control Center installed and it seems to run fine. I have a bar that says My Licenses, which has nothing on it, and one that says Soft-eLicenser which has a serial number.

How can I fix this so that I can use the trial. All other threads seem to have someone PM them followed by a message saying thanks. Is it not possible to post the fix so that others can see or is it a case that you send them an activation code to allow them to use the trial?

I have not used Cubase or any other Steinberg software before on this PC. To attempt to fix I ran the start centre again and reinstalled the main Elements program, this time without updating as it went.

Any help would be appreciated, and apologies if this has gone in the wrong section. The Issues topic seemed more in relation to issues within Cubase once you get it up and running.


if i remember, i had this problem when i installed the trial. make sure you unzip everything from the zip file, and run the setup completely. I think i made that mistake not unzipping and running within the zip file.