Cubase 8 Elements update registration problem

Hello, dear Steinberg! I am very pleased that you so carefully consider assisting clients as well as you think it is necessary to introduce control of published reports of problems to eliminate unpleasant questions. Very happy for you! I hope that this message I put in the correct part.
I updated Cubase element 7 to version 8 Cubase element installed on the same computer. In connection with (thankfully) that this version is not updated as often as the flagship permanently unfinished version, I had no need to seek the help of your support is not available. But now, after the update I can not register this update in your account, I get a message that my version of the eLicenser outdated. Thus, in case of need for some kind of action this version I can not do anything. Please let me know, my next steps. Sincerely, your user, Dmitry!

You simply need to update the Elicenser Control Center from

Thank You I already have the latest version of the eLicenser center. Cubase Elements 8 is working properly after the upgrade on my computer. But I can not register this update in your account. It does not appear there, citing outdated eLicenser.

Hm… I don’t know about this process exactly. But I would suggest you open the Elicenser Control Center and run the Maintenance option.

Thank you again for your participation! The thing is that the procedure “Maintenance” I also performed. Information on the change does not appear in my account. In this case, I did not experience similar problems with the previous version.

I’m afraid I have hit the limit of my knowledge on this subject! I’m afraid this might be a case for tech support.

Hello there,

i had similar problem, on my e licenser control center, i had successfully activated cubase elements 7 and automatically becomes cubase elements 8, but i cannot register cubase elements 7 on My Steinberg account. Should i wait like 24 hours for cubase elements 7 to appear?

This is the message that appear after i press continue from the “register e licenser/ software” section: The eLicenser assigned to this Activation Code is deprecated.