Cubase 8 Elements Video Player crashes

Hello everyone, I’m new here!

So, I have been using Cubase 8 Elements for some time now and this morning when I tried to open the Video window to watch something, the window appears completely white and inmediately after a message pops up saying “Cubase 8 LE AI Elements 8 has stopped working”. I tried reinstalling Cubase and Quicktime, but anything seems to solve the problem.

Also I don’t know if it’s worth mentioning, but I installed a SSD on my laptop while having the old drive on a second slot. When I had Cubase installed on the old drive it worked normally, but when I installed the SSD on the first slot and moved the old drive to the second slot, Cubase Video Player crashes no matter where it is located.

I hope anyone can help me, thank you :slight_smile:

I actually have exactly the same issue with Cubase 8.5 Pro