Cubase 8 Elements

Hi All,

I have had 17 copies of cubase elements that we have ordered, i have gone around to each machine and installed the cubase 8 elements and the e-licenser etc. I have registered it etc via steinberg all seems fine when logging in as a staff or admin user, but i am having trouble when a student logs in it tells me the product needs activating again.

I can only put this down to the user not being able to see the C: drive which is where i would think the license would be held. We do not like students to have access to the C: drive as they could cause problems with the machines very quickly if they wanted to.

We currently use a rm cc4 network if this helps. I have tried to create file/folder rules to allow the students to be able to see the program files/steinberg folder.

Any ideas what i could do to try and get this to work correctly for students without allowing them access to the C: drive?

I imagine you can only resolve this with Steinberg’s help. Have you sent in a support request?

I have sent them a message explaining it all but not heard anything back for about 3 weeks.


If you’re in a country with phone support I would try calling them:

When you installed Cubase the install routine asks you if it should be installed for just the current user or for all users. What did you choose?

Are you talking about the popup window that askes you to register your software after you have started Cubase?
If this is the case i imagine you can just choose “Allready registered” and Cubase will not ask you again.

When i delete my prefereces or start Cubase in safemode with factory settings i am asked again to register even though i allready did. This information is stored in the Cubase Preferences in the Hiden AppData Folder. This Folder is specific for every user wich might be the reason Cubase asks again on a different acount. As long as Cubase dosn’t moan about not finding a valid licence, you should be good :mrgreen:

On this version it does not ask about installing for everyone. And yes it is as soon as you open up cubase it then says it is not activated and i need to activate it but the option for already activated is not a option.

It could well be that it is a hidden folder but i am assuming that the folder would be on the c: drive which students cant access. Also when launching cubase it tells me the VST sounds can not be accessed and that is also looking at the C: drive. I think it is all down to permissions some how as when you go on as myself or staff user it works fine because we can see the c: drive just not sure how to get it to see the right permissions for different users other than giving access to the c: drive.


In order to work properly Cubase needs full access. I quess this is clearly a problem of user rights. You could grant full access just on Cubase and Elicencer Control Center to the users but leaving the rest restricted.

How would i go about doing that? Any ideas

Thanks for this, it seems to work i went back through and it wasnt clear but had to install for everyone and it seems to work now thanks cant believe something so little could make a big difference