Cubase 8 - fatal errors


I’ve recently installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 64 bit, Cubase 8.0.5, Komplete 10 Ultimate and UAD Satellite DUO and having serious problems…

  1. When loading up Task manager says Cubase is not responding.
  2. UAD plugins are causing channels to go out of sync with each other (disabling plugins fixes the issue)
  3. DSP load errors appear on startup occasionally despite only having a few UAD plugins in this project.
  4. Cubase crashes unexpectedly. (this happens sometimes when saving/ closing, sometimes mid project) I should add this is happening in a project that’s not that big.

I’ve uninstalled every other 3rd party plugin, have searched the internet high and low and have found nothing (other than UAD stopped supporting Cubase at version 7??)

I have just spent £70 on a Sonnet Firewire 800 and USB 3.0 card for the UAD, the Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 is running off it’s own Firewire 400 card, I am lost as to what to do. Any ideas/ suggestions would be really appreciated, I’m tearing my hair out here. :blush:

Cubase 64-bit? and UAD plugins 64-bit? and which version of the UAD plugins software?

Hey, sorry for the late reply. Yes it’s Cubase 64bit and UAD version 7.11.0